another chapter begins

December 22, 2013 at 10:48am

Let Me Tell You

In this post I’m gonna tell you that long story that I’ve said. 

So, since 2008 I liked a boy, which was my classmate. We were in elementary school in that time:)) Until 2010 (JHS), we were still in the same class. But then something happened and we felt like we couldn’t take this anymore. Then I started to write something in my previous account about T-Rex and Velociraptor, I don’t know I forgot. T-rex is him. I said Velociraptor loves T-Rex. But yea, T-Rex didn’t love Velociraptor back:) </3

In 2011, I met my friend, which was my classmate in the 1st year but we didn’t know each other very well. In this 2nd year of JHS, we often spend our time together until that friendzone became a boyfriend-girlfriend-zone. Everyone loved us to be together and we’re together! Because I’ve moved on and started my new life, I changed my account with New Chapter Begins:)

Until 2013, we’ve been through everything together. But unfortunately, we haven’t. And that day came, he said ‘this feeling isn’t the feeling I felt 2 years ago’. I cried everyday and tried to do all things so we can get back together but there was no result. We broke up and that chapter, has ended:)

It was in March 2013, in the beginning of the year. I thought that I won’t move on from him because he was too kind and very sweet. But until this almost-new-year, December 22, I’m still here. I live my life cheerfully. And the most important thing is I can live my life without him. That chapter has ended. Let me open my another chapter:)


Another Chapter Begins

Hey everyone!

It’s 10:23 pm and I don’t even want to sleep. 

So yeah here it is. Another Chapter Begins. You can say that it’s the sequel of my previous account, New Chapter Begins. I made that in 2010 and I made some stories and dialogues but because I don’t have time to do it regularly, now I’m just reblogging pictures and quotes. 

Why did I make Another Chapter Begins? 

Yes, because the previous chapter has ended! I started to open my the new chapter of my life. It’s kind of long story, I’m gonna tell ya in the da next post!